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Don't want to look like a fanboy, but I think this Bitcoin thing deserves someone, anyone to create a rap about it... and earn some extra Bitcoins for that, here's how!

My name is Mike, let me introduce myself, I'm a C++ programmer, and you can ask me anything.
Probably all of you heard about this wacko "Bitcoin" crypto-currency stuff, like this is that weird Internet money which is not backed by government and which is probably has no intrinsic value.
I know where I'm writing to: this is the subreddit about my favorite music genre: RAP!
I just wanted to let know anyone interested, that our community exist (/bitcoin) and many people out there who're love programming also love RAP too! And I believe there's many people who love rap in Bitcoin community.
But the problem is, that programmers (98% of population at /bitcoin) are most often are too bad at writing songs. But here's the example what already has been accomplished by many people who were interested in the topic:
Here's the background of what is Bitcoin, and why many care about it:
I don't ask you to contribute anything. Your best contribution to our community would be turning on on your YouTube channel, so that we could send you some donations - changetip is a web-site integrated to YouTube which let's you enable accepting bitcoin donations from anyone - usually people write comment like "@ChangeTip Awesome song. Have a beer!", later on their changetip bot is answering in comments like "Your payment to this YouTube channel is being processed. X will collect his Bitcoins very soon".
ChangeTip allowes users to donate any amounts like $1 or $5 (or even more) to content creator. So if your YouTube channel has not grown yet to accept payments from Google, some people from Bitcoin community could donate you money if they like your song. Yeah sounds like not everyone yet knows about ChangeTip, but this is an awesome technology and Wall Street & banks currently already talk a lot about blockchain-based technologies, so its just the matter of time when more companies & individuals are going to accept Bitcoin.
ChangeTip doesn't has any sign up fee, its completely free to use it. Also it doesn't bring any ads or any harm to your channel, nobody will know that you're even activated that function, unless you don't say somebody (I recommend saying about it on /Bitcoin :))
I know that Bitcoin is too deep to explain it on 1 page like this, but you can ask any questions and I'll be glad to give a good answers about this technology.
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